Team Members

Diverse Backgrounds, a Common Passion for Improving Outcomes

The EducationCounsel team includes some of the most respected names in education with experience in the substance and practice of policy change. From bipartisan backgrounds, we share a common passion and agenda for substantive change in education. With our collective experience in the White House, the U.S. Department of Education, governors’ offices, state boards of education, foundations, and the classroom,  we have first-hand knowledge and expertise to develop workable solutions for the challenges our clients face.

While EducationCounsel is associated with a number of marquee names—former U.S. Education Secretary Dick Riley, Art Coleman, and Scott Palmer, among them—our entire team has decades of experience in education policy at the federal, state, and local level, united by one common thread: personal investment in improving outcomes for all students. Following is a sample list of some of our individual accomplishments. 

  • Created and managed teacher performance programs
  • Served on presidential councils that developed civil rights legal policy in education
  • Designed early learning and preschool systems
  • Led the rebuilding of a state education agency
  • Developed interventions and supports for struggling schools
  • Served as deputy general counsel of the U.S. Department of Education
  • Evaluated No Child Left Behind (NCLB) programs, including alternative teacher certification, state and local flexibility provisions, and out-of-school learning programs
  • Taught in urban school districts

Jamie Brandon   202.545.2963
Jennifer Castagna   202.545.2937
Arthur L. Coleman   202.545.2912
Heidi Ellis   202.545.2967
Danielle T. Ewen   202.545.2919
Sofia Gold   202.545.2893
Dan Gordon   202.545.2926
Mary Hinton   202.712.2878
Catherine Holahan   202.545.2905
Alicia Kielmovitch   202.545.2988
Bethany M. Little   202.545.2924
Debbie Oakes   202.545.2961
Scott R. Palmer   202.545.2916
Richard W. Riley   202.712.2814
Sandy Rinck   202.712.2811
Nicholas A. Spiva   202.545.2826
Terri Taylor   202.545.2921
Jessica Walbridge   202.545.2914
Steven Yale Winnick   202.545.2913
Jess Wood   202.545.2903
Margery Anne Yeager   202.545.2966
Kathryn H. Young   202.545.2924

General Inquiries

Debbie Oakes
101 Constitution Ave., NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20001

202-545-2943 (fax)

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